Medini Property: 2013 or Never

Medini Property


If you believe in the potential of Iskandar, then you should invest in Medini Property, as simple as that. Medini is without doubt the heart of the Iskandar, and it has been designed in this way right from the start when Iskandar Project was initiated.

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Medini in Iskandar

Medini in Iskandar


Medini Zone

Medini Zone

To prove that Medini is the heart of Iskandar, let’s start with 4 special features about Medini.

4 Unique Features about Medini:

1) No foreigner quota, unlike other part of Iskandar.

2) No Minimum RM500,000 purchase for foreigner.

3) Businesses get tax exemption for the first 10 years.

4) No freehold land.

With the first 3 special features about Medini, it’s easy to understand why there is no freehold land in Medini. It’s because right from the start Medini is being envisioned to be the heart of Iskandar and to be a vibrant, exciting, and world class city, and therefore the authority can not afford to give away the land as freehold!

The first 3 projects that were launched in Medini were 1 Medini, Medini Signature, and Meridin @ Medini, and all are selling extremely well. and importantly, PSF of those projects have seen steady increment.

Going forward, this year 2013, there will be at least 4-5 projects in the pipeline in Medini, including Iskandar residences @ Medini, 18 @ Medini, Medini Square, Medini Residences, and Affiniti. The trend will continue and the PSF will continue to rise.

By next year, 2014, according to experts, we will likely see PSF of Medini to be over RM1,000!! That happens in Puteri Harbour in 2012, where it started at RM700 psf and increase to above RM1,300 psf within 1 year!

From this fact, you can imagine the massive potential of investing in Medini right now. Timing is everything when it comes to investment, that’s why we said, if you ever want to invest in Medini Property, let it be 2013 or never.

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