JB Property

JB Property

JB (Johor Bahru) is the part of Malaysia that is nearest to Singapore, and it’s connected to Singapore via Woodlands causeway link and second link at Tuas Checkpoint.

Due to its close proximity to Singapore, JB property naturally  become popular among Singapore investors and retirement home buyers.

Ever since the Iskandar Project took off 5-6 years ago, and its rapid development, Jb property, or Iskandar Property have become increasingly in demand.

When discuss about JB property, let’s divide it into 2 parts, Jb main city (via woodlands checkpoint) and Nusajaya (via second link).

JB Main City

This is the JB that most Singaporean are familiar with. In fact, according to statistic, more than 100,000 people crossed the causeway link from Singapore to Jb daily!

This is the city where lots of Singaporean enjoy their weekend, for shopping, food, massage, haircut, and a whole lot of other activities. It’s also called Iskandar Zone A.

Because of that, Jb property has seen healthy appreciation of capital over the last 10 years. The keen interest from Singaporean has created tremendous demand that supported the growth.

Property in zone A have received overwhelming demand from Singaporean investors. Project like Paragon Suites sold out all its international quota in less than a week.

The main reason is because Jb property in the main Jb town enjoy superb connectivity to Singapore and it’s already an established township and city where all the facilities are already in place. Also, in term of pricing, it’s still way lower than to Singapore.

With the announcement of MRT going to Jb Sentral, JB property is set to grow even higher in the next few years.

Nusajaya (via Second Link)

This is the main focus of the Iskandar Project. It used to be an empty piece of huge land. Today, many landmarks and important developments are already taken place, which include Educity, Nusajaya Industrial Park,Nusajaya SquareMedini, Legoland, Puteri Harbour, Pinewood Studio, and  many more to come.

The future potential of Nusajaya is huge, as many big developments are already being announced. The government of Singapore, through its investment arm, Temasek, is one of the biggest investors in Nusajaya.

For this reason, Nusajaya Property and Medini Property will offer huge potential for investors, and will be in great demand.

Zone A of Iskandar

Zone A is the part of JB where it’s connected to Singapore via Woodlands causeway link CIQ. Zone A is mainly the CBD and financial district, tourism, as well as shopping.

One of the biggest projects in Zone A of Iskandar is Vantage Bay, it’s a multi billion integrated development covering hotel, medical hub, convention centre, office, and residential. More info about Vantage Bay go to http://vantagebay.org/

We will be bringing in more high quality Iskandar and Jb property to Singapore going forward, and all will be updated in this website.


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