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Iskandar Property is the main topic of this website. In fact, this website is created with one objective in mind: To provide practical and useful info on investing in Iskandar Property.

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Iskandar Development was initiated by government of Malaysia in 2006, and is envision to become a vibrant, world class and fully functional city by 2020-2025. Since its inception, the progress of the development has been rapid and smooth, with the support from foreign big players as well as investors.

Latest New Launch in Iskandar Vantage Bay, go Skies @ Vantage Bay for more info.

5 Flagship Zones 

Iskandar Development

5 Flagships Zones of Iskandar

Iskandar development consists of 5 flagships zones, namely Zone A, B, C, D, and E, covering area of more than 550,000 acres, which is 3 times the size of Singapore.

The focus of this website is mainly on Zone A ( Johor Bahru City ) and Zone B (Nusajaya)

Zone A: Johor Bahru City

It is the main city of Johor Bahru, as well as the Central Business District and financial district. It connects with Singapore easily via the CIQ check point, and also the future RTS/MRT Thomson Line. The connectivity between Zone A and Singapore, especially the upcoming MRT to JB, has makes it an irresistible investment opportunities for many Singaporeans.

Johor Bahru City also offers vibrancy of economy and abundance of amenities, which add more value to its investment potential.

One of the biggest projects that will be taking place in Zone A is Vantage Bay, by Peter Lim (A billionaire investor in Singapore). It’s a massive multi billion integrated project that will cover medical hub, mega shopping mall, convention centre, service apartment, and office.

The prime JB city area and Danga Bay will continue to be a great investment location.

Zone B: Nusajaya

Nusajaya is the heart of Iskandar. It’s designed and planned as a fully functional city which cover all areas including tourism, healthcare, education, business and financial, industrial, and lifestyle.

Located west of Johor Bahru, Nusajaya is closely connected with Singapore via Tuas Checkpoint.

Many catalyst projects have already successfully taken place in Nusajaya, including Legoland, EduCity, Afiat Health Park, Medini, Puteri Harbour, Pinewood Studio, Kota Iskandar and SiLC (Southern Industrial and Logistic Cluster). More info about Nusajaya go HERE.

The progress of Nusajaya has been very exciting and offer huge investment opportunities to property investors. Investing in Iskandar property have become a hot topic among investors in Singapore in the last few years, and many have already invested and profited from it.

Investing in Iskandar Property 

Iskandar will continue to progress and develop, and will become a great supplementary to Singapore’s economy. The foundation and fundamental are already in place, the future potential and development will be even more exciting. What it means to investors is that, there are tremendous investment potential in Iskandar property, if done correctly.

This website will continue to provide practical info and useful news on Iskandar development and investment opportunities.

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